Moon Geun Young International Fanclub

Fan Projects

Past projects of MGYIFC for Moons.

✨21st Debut Anniversary Project (2020)
✨<Catch the Ghost> Rice Wreath Support (2019)
✨Moon Geun Young's 33rd Birthday Project - Adopt a Penguin (2019)
✨<The Village Achiara's Secret> Rice Wreath Support (2015)
✨Moon Geun Young's 28th Birthday Project - Custom Cake (2014)
✨<Goddess of Fire> Rice Wreath Support (2013)


MGYIFC is the official international fanbase of actress Moon Geun Young. MGYIFC was founded on December 23, 2010.

MGYIFC is dedicated to bringing you the latest Moon Geun Young news, photos, and updates. In addition to providing the latest updates, we want to share our love for Moon Geun Young with fellow fans and others that might not know about her.


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